Adrian Fynch (bittirsweet) wrote in whipme_chainme,
Adrian Fynch

new girl

*Name:: Sarala
*Age:: 22
*Gender:: female
*Status:: single and unclaimed
*Sexual Preference:: bi
*Sexual Fetishes:: including but not limited to bondage, suspension, submission, suffocation, flogging, electrocution, knife/blood play, play piercings...
*Hobbies:: photography, making zines, hair, writing, reading, visiting, travel, art, etc. I like to keep busy
*Interests:: Kind of the same as above, but expanded and more specific. bdsm, obviously...
*Favorites:: the above, and lots of it
*Pick a word:: oro?
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: How exactly does one suck a fuck?
*What do u think of this community?:: Well I've only just joined
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) this part seems pointless::
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