New girl..

New girl, here.

*Name:: Rhane [prounounced 'rain']
*Age:: 18
*Gender:: Female
*Status:: Engaged
*Sexual Preference:: Men
*Sexual Fetishes:: Ageplay, bondage, light mutilation, humiliation, rape, submission, asphyxiation, flogging.
*Hobbies:: Writing, reading.
*Interests:: Sex, music, articles.
*Favorites:: All of the above.
*Pick a word:: Bite.
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: Mhmm. :p
*What do u think of this community?:: Seems great, but I just got here. :)
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: seems interesting.

Friend me if you'd like. :)

new girl

*Name:: Sarala
*Age:: 22
*Gender:: female
*Status:: single and unclaimed
*Sexual Preference:: bi
*Sexual Fetishes:: including but not limited to bondage, suspension, submission, suffocation, flogging, electrocution, knife/blood play, play piercings...
*Hobbies:: photography, making zines, hair, writing, reading, visiting, travel, art, etc. I like to keep busy
*Interests:: Kind of the same as above, but expanded and more specific. bdsm, obviously...
*Favorites:: the above, and lots of it
*Pick a word:: oro?
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: How exactly does one suck a fuck?
*What do u think of this community?:: Well I've only just joined
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) this part seems pointless::


*Name:: Tober
*Age:: Over 21 and under 40
*Gender:: F
*Status:: Owned, but open
*Sexual Preference:: Pansexual, leaning more towards feminine
*Sexual Fetishes:: petplay, bondage, whippings, submission, forced submission, bites, leashes and collars, toys
*Hobbies:: motorcycles, making music
*Interests:: being a pet
*Favorites:: great kissers, people who are dominant and stronger than me, yet nurturing too.
*Pick a word:: meow
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: Yes, frequently.
*What do u think of this community?:: Not sure yet, I just got here
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: is pretty cool for making this community

I'm just trying to find other people who share my interests, since I just started my journal recently. =3
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*Name:: Alex
*Age:: 28
*Gender:: F
*Status:: Swinger and looking for a slave
*Sexual Preference:: Het
*Sexual Fetishes:: Bondage, threesomes, pinching, biting, candle wax, leather, domination, leashes, toys, voyeurism
*Hobbies:: Photography, writing, sex
*Interests:: Sex, music, photography, art
*Favorites:: Mature men, descriptive rp, kicking selfish males ass
*Pick a word:: Dominance
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: Only if it were real good
*What do u think of this community?:: It's a nice place
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: Woooho!
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A Little Lady

*Name:: Juliana
*Age:: 19
*Gender:: Female
*Status:: I have a pet, but we’re looking for a playmate
*Sexual Preference:: Girl, boy, and those in-between

*Sexual Fetishes:: I like pretty much everything , dominating, bondage, biting and so much more
*Hobbies::  Photography, sewing and training my pet 
*Interests:: corsets and other fetish wear,

*Favorites:: My pet
*Pick a word:: profusely
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: Only if you were really good
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) is: someone I’d like to get to know

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BDSM Enthusiast ^-^

I'm Jill
20 years old
Female from Metro-Detroit
I'm taken but my boyfriend and i are always open for playdates
Sexual Preference:: Often
Sexual Fetishes:: Bondage. pinching, biting, whipping, spanking, gagging, crushing (my boyfriend is XL, i like when he crushes me), choking.
Interests outside of my sex life:: Dance parties/Raves
Favorite DJ:: Deadmou5
Pick a word:: please
Would u Suck a Fuck?::  Any combination of the words 'suck' and 'fuck' work for me
What do u think of this community?:: I hope that people will talk to me. I mean no harm. I just LOVE being tied up and i want to talk about it with people.
Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) you have a new member.

 Peace out