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Tie Me Up and Spank Me Hard... [entries|friends|calendar]
Gothic Slut

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[20 Sep 2011|04:43am]

There's a new community here on LJ to supply all your forced sex fantasies!


We're just starting out but it's going to be updated regularly.

Cum on in and have some fun!
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Fleur [04 May 2011|02:35pm]


 *Name:: Fleur
*Age:: 28
*Gender:: Female
*Status:: Married
*Sexual Preference:: Bi
*Sexual Fetishes:: see my profile page
*Pick a word:: velvet?

Feel free to add me. I will reciprocate.
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Living Dead Dolls Event At QXT's Coming Soon!! [26 Aug 2010|09:25am]

title or description


QXT's Official Site

Living Dead Dolls Official Site

Candylust Official Site

248 Mulberry St.
Newark, NJ 07102
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bdsm fetish moto [11 Jan 2010|10:44am]


Read more...Collapse )
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New girl.. [04 Jan 2010|11:03pm]

New girl, here.

*Name:: Rhane [prounounced 'rain']
*Age:: 18
*Gender:: Female
*Status:: Engaged
*Sexual Preference:: Men
*Sexual Fetishes:: Ageplay, bondage, light mutilation, humiliation, rape, submission, asphyxiation, flogging.
*Hobbies:: Writing, reading.
*Interests:: Sex, music, articles.
*Favorites:: All of the above.
*Pick a word:: Bite.
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: Mhmm. :p
*What do u think of this community?:: Seems great, but I just got here. :)
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: seems interesting.

Friend me if you'd like. :)
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new girl [08 Oct 2009|03:35am]

*Name:: Sarala
*Age:: 22
*Gender:: female
*Status:: single and unclaimed
*Sexual Preference:: bi
*Sexual Fetishes:: including but not limited to bondage, suspension, submission, suffocation, flogging, electrocution, knife/blood play, play piercings...
*Hobbies:: photography, making zines, hair, writing, reading, visiting, travel, art, etc. I like to keep busy
*Interests:: Kind of the same as above, but expanded and more specific. bdsm, obviously...
*Favorites:: the above, and lots of it
*Pick a word:: oro?
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: How exactly does one suck a fuck?
*What do u think of this community?:: Well I've only just joined
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) this part seems pointless::
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Introduction [24 Sep 2009|06:46pm]

*Name:: Tober
*Age:: Over 21 and under 40
*Gender:: F
*Status:: Owned, but open
*Sexual Preference:: Pansexual, leaning more towards feminine
*Sexual Fetishes:: petplay, bondage, whippings, submission, forced submission, bites, leashes and collars, toys
*Hobbies:: motorcycles, making music
*Interests:: being a pet
*Favorites:: great kissers, people who are dominant and stronger than me, yet nurturing too.
*Pick a word:: meow
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: Yes, frequently.
*What do u think of this community?:: Not sure yet, I just got here
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: is pretty cool for making this community

I'm just trying to find other people who share my interests, since I just started my journal recently. =3
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[24 Sep 2009|03:08pm]

*Name:: Alex
*Age:: 28
*Gender:: F
*Status:: Swinger and looking for a slave
*Sexual Preference:: Het
*Sexual Fetishes:: Bondage, threesomes, pinching, biting, candle wax, leather, domination, leashes, toys, voyeurism
*Hobbies:: Photography, writing, sex
*Interests:: Sex, music, photography, art
*Favorites:: Mature men, descriptive rp, kicking selfish males ass
*Pick a word:: Dominance
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: Only if it were real good
*What do u think of this community?:: It's a nice place
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: Woooho!
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A Little Lady [08 Jun 2009|10:20pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

*Name:: Juliana
*Age:: 19
*Gender:: Female
*Status:: I have a pet, but we’re looking for a playmate
*Sexual Preference:: Girl, boy, and those in-between

*Sexual Fetishes:: I like pretty much everything , dominating, bondage, biting and so much more
*Hobbies::  Photography, sewing and training my pet 
*Interests:: corsets and other fetish wear,

*Favorites:: My pet
*Pick a word:: profusely
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: Only if you were really good
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) is: someone I’d like to get to know

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BDSM Enthusiast ^-^ [06 Jun 2009|06:11pm]

I'm Jill
20 years old
Female from Metro-Detroit
I'm taken but my boyfriend and i are always open for playdates
Sexual Preference:: Often
Sexual Fetishes:: Bondage. pinching, biting, whipping, spanking, gagging, crushing (my boyfriend is XL, i like when he crushes me), choking.
Interests outside of my sex life:: Dance parties/Raves
Favorite DJ:: Deadmou5
Pick a word:: please
Would u Suck a Fuck?::  Any combination of the words 'suck' and 'fuck' work for me
What do u think of this community?:: I hope that people will talk to me. I mean no harm. I just LOVE being tied up and i want to talk about it with people.
Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) you have a new member.

 Peace out

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Introduction. [02 Apr 2009|09:08am]

[ mood | amused ]





Slave and owned.

*Sexual Preference:: 

*Sexual Fetishes:: 
anal sex, bdsm, biting, blood, body art, body manipulation, body modification, body oils, body paint, body piercing, bondage, candle wax, cat o nine tails, chains, cock ring, collars,being dominated, fellatio,floggers, fucking, handcuffs, kama sutra, knife play, leashes, leather, masochism, master, oral sex, orgasm control, paddles, piercings, restraints, riding crops, rimming, rough sex, sadism, servitude, sex, being spanked, submission, tantric sex, torture, toys, training, voyeurism, welts, being whipped

Horror Movies, Photography, Poetry, Reading, Writing, Piano

Ancient History, World Religions, Occult Studies, People

I like my sex sinful and my ice cream vanilla.

*Pick a word::

*Would u Suck a Fuck?::
Love to suck, love to be fucked

*What do u think of this community?::
It seems pretty awesome, I haven't had a chance to look around much.

*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me)

- END -

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[26 Sep 2008|11:12am]

*Name:: Sir calls me Princess, I call me Wednesday.  Guess which I prefer

*Age:: 33

*Gender:: femme

*Status:: more trouble than I am worth (Collared)

*Sexual Preference:: All the time (bi)

*Sexual Fetishes::  BDsM, Needle paly, blood play, bondage, breath play, spanking, Goth chicks, big men (not fat just BIG), vouyerism, DP, porn, fisting, anal, Tranny porn, She-males

*Hobbies:: reading, sex, porn, sex, and did I say Sex?

*Interests:: Music, debate, politics, BDsM, Paganism, freedom

*Pick a word:: Flagrant

*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: Please and thank you

*What do u think of this community?:: Has promise, let us see where it goes, shall we?

*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________::  Are you SURE that goes in there? *grunt* Oh yeah, it does. * sigh. . . *
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SFW - Stoya's first porn [25 Sep 2008|07:47pm]

But sexy times....

By the way, the girl in this clip is Stoya, whom i guess is kind of a famous now: Stoya's myspace.

In this video, which was shot in InnerPartySystem's basement, Stoya (the star) is getting eaten out by her boyfriend.

From what i understand, Stoya wanted to do porn and so this was her first video... after the director shot this in IPS's basement she went away and became some big porn star. she's even starring in this huge production porn that's a remake of Pirates of the Carribean:

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Survey [20 Jul 2008|02:22pm]

[ mood | New Skirt! ]

*Name:: Call me Gennifer Bone, Girl Jentleman

*Age:: 32

*Gender:: Lady with a lil' extra

*Status:: Looking for friends with benefits

*Sexual Preference:: Bi all the way

*Sexual Fetishes::  Public sex, multiple partners (esp. being surrounded by cocks while on my knees, or being touched by more then one gal at once), blood play, light BDSM, and trans people... Oh thoes chicks with dicks.

*Hobbies:: Games, RPGs, Mucis, exercise

*Interests:: Love, sex, music, philosophy, psychology, BDSM, books, kink, art, geek stuff, RPGs, anime, yaoi, hot people kissing, Gothic Lolita, Transgenderism, living as a girl

*Pick a word:: Flibble

*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: OH YES

*What do u think of this community?:: Mmm... Blood sex on a bed of skulls- how wonderfully, darkly arousing!

*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: *slurp, slurp*  Nice boots.  No, really, nice boots.  *slurp, swallow*

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[13 Jul 2008|06:13pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

*Name:: Oh dear, I have a few, but I prefer Scarlet.

*Age:: 18.

*Gender:: I'm a lady. :)

*Status:: Looking mostly for people to hang out with.

*Sexual Preference:: I prefer humans. So bisexual.

*Sexual Fetishes:: Yikes. Uhh... well, spanking for sure, biting, scratching, caning, curious medical fetish, age play < mm, roleplaying, I've developed a huge vampire fetish, being degraded. Most of the good stuff in BDSM. Also, nerds, and gothic boys. Have I mentioned vampires?

*Hobbies:: Internetting, wandering the streets of LA, sleeping, reading, drawing, writing, studying, observing, thinking, singing, video gaming, etc.

*Interests:: Love, sex, music, philosophy, psychology, BDSM, cognitive sciences, sleep deprivation, sadomasochism, the arts, books.

*Pick a word:: Blood.

*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: Sure, why not.

*What do u think of this community?:: I think it looks like fun. The environment seems dark and appealing. :D

*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: does your bologna have a first name too?

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Getting the Ball Rolling [11 Jun 2008|10:06pm]

*Name:: David, for now

*Age:: 43

*Gender:: Male

*Status:: Looking (particularly in the Toronto area)

*Sexual Preference:: Straight - tried men, not my thing

*Sexual Fetishes:: tomboys, short skirts (yes, I know. That sounds contadictory; with Whitman, I am large, I contain multitudes); bondage, slapping, hair-pulling, play-rape; short skirts, small breasts, public fondling, no bras. That's probably enough for starters.

*Hobbies:: I'm a writer, working towards making it a career, rather than a hobby. Playing tennis and hocky, smoking and drinking way more than I should. Long, complex and argumentative debates about Life, the Universe and Most Things.

*Interests:: Art, sex, philosophy. Slow seduction, feeling up, soft kisses (See the Whitman reference, above). Taking obscene pictures and taking part in them. Pints on a patio.

*Favorites:: Younger women, smart women.

*Pick a word:: Truth.

*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: If that means cunningus, oh yes.

*What do u think of this community?:: Not sure yet; but I have hopes.

*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: I'm glad you started this community. But you should fix the link to your personal journal on the info page.
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Make it good [01 Jun 2008|10:53pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

*Name:: Natalie
*Age:: 20
*Gender:: Female
*Status:: Single
*Sexual Preference:: Bi but i swing towards men
*Sexual Fetishes::  play rape, with a bit of pain, bondage, being submissive, ive never gotten to be dominant but id like to, biting, blood
*Hobbies::  i dont fucking know what my hobbies are 
*Interests:: metal, tattoos, piercings, corsets, leather, collars,
*Favorites:: positions?
*Pick a word:: meow
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: maybe
*What do u think of this community?:: curiosity killed to kitty
*Fill in the blank, natalie (me) is: strange

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[01 Jun 2008|12:36am]


*Name:: Baby
*Age:: 24
*Gender:: Female
*Status:: Single
*Sexual Preference:: Strait
*Sexual Fetishes::  play rape, without pain, but still rough(if that makes ANY sense)...and bondage...and to dominate...I like to give pain :)
*Hobbies:: being online, playing games, sex, internet porn, :p
*Interests:: everything
*Favorites:: are for my eyes only
*Pick a word:: sweet
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: maybe
*What do u think of this community?:: I'm intrigued
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me):: is kinky
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[23 May 2008|01:55pm]

*Name:: Alicia
*Age:: 22
*Gender:: f
*Status:: engaged wanting open relationship
*Sexual Preference:: BOTH
*Sexual Fetishes:: Handcuffs, being tied up, being hit, play rape, prostitution
*Hobbies:: shopping for sex toys, porn,
*Interests::tattoos, piercings,
*Favorites:: black, chains, needles, P.A.I.N.
*Pick a word:: cuntsuckerfuckface
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: yeh
*What do u think of this community?:: good to know im not the only one who feels this way
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________::suck my cunt
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Introduction [22 May 2008|08:30pm]

[ mood | horny ]

*Name:: Cumdumpster, cumguzzler
*Age::  24
*Gender::  total female
*Status::  spoken for
*Sexual Preference::  Bisexual
*Sexual Fetishes::  Submission, 24/7 slavery, beatings, rape, cutting, burning, tattooing, piercing, branding, forced prostitution, humiliation, being used as the cumdumpster that I am, cock worship
*Hobbies::  getting fucked, masturbation, writing, fantasizing
*Interests::  getting fucked, submission, music (black metal), corsets
*Favorites::  favorite what?  My favorite things to do sexually are to worship cocks, and having the shit beat out of me
*Pick a word::  cumsucker
*Would u Suck a Fuck?::  possibly??
*What do u think of this community?::  It seems like a pretty cool place for like-minded people, which is a good thing!
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: Is hot.

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