gadd_sex (gadd_sex) wrote in whipme_chainme,

Getting the Ball Rolling

*Name:: David, for now

*Age:: 43

*Gender:: Male

*Status:: Looking (particularly in the Toronto area)

*Sexual Preference:: Straight - tried men, not my thing

*Sexual Fetishes:: tomboys, short skirts (yes, I know. That sounds contadictory; with Whitman, I am large, I contain multitudes); bondage, slapping, hair-pulling, play-rape; short skirts, small breasts, public fondling, no bras. That's probably enough for starters.

*Hobbies:: I'm a writer, working towards making it a career, rather than a hobby. Playing tennis and hocky, smoking and drinking way more than I should. Long, complex and argumentative debates about Life, the Universe and Most Things.

*Interests:: Art, sex, philosophy. Slow seduction, feeling up, soft kisses (See the Whitman reference, above). Taking obscene pictures and taking part in them. Pints on a patio.

*Favorites:: Younger women, smart women.

*Pick a word:: Truth.

*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: If that means cunningus, oh yes.

*What do u think of this community?:: Not sure yet; but I have hopes.

*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: I'm glad you started this community. But you should fix the link to your personal journal on the info page.
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