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*Name:: Oh dear, I have a few, but I prefer Scarlet.

*Age:: 18.

*Gender:: I'm a lady. :)

*Status:: Looking mostly for people to hang out with.

*Sexual Preference:: I prefer humans. So bisexual.

*Sexual Fetishes:: Yikes. Uhh... well, spanking for sure, biting, scratching, caning, curious medical fetish, age play < mm, roleplaying, I've developed a huge vampire fetish, being degraded. Most of the good stuff in BDSM. Also, nerds, and gothic boys. Have I mentioned vampires?

*Hobbies:: Internetting, wandering the streets of LA, sleeping, reading, drawing, writing, studying, observing, thinking, singing, video gaming, etc.

*Interests:: Love, sex, music, philosophy, psychology, BDSM, cognitive sciences, sleep deprivation, sadomasochism, the arts, books.

*Pick a word:: Blood.

*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: Sure, why not.

*What do u think of this community?:: I think it looks like fun. The environment seems dark and appealing. :D

*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: does your bologna have a first name too?
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