Sexy Grrl (_heath) wrote in whipme_chainme,
Sexy Grrl

*Name:: Alex
*Age:: 28
*Gender:: F
*Status:: Swinger and looking for a slave
*Sexual Preference:: Het
*Sexual Fetishes:: Bondage, threesomes, pinching, biting, candle wax, leather, domination, leashes, toys, voyeurism
*Hobbies:: Photography, writing, sex
*Interests:: Sex, music, photography, art
*Favorites:: Mature men, descriptive rp, kicking selfish males ass
*Pick a word:: Dominance
*Would u Suck a Fuck?:: Only if it were real good
*What do u think of this community?:: It's a nice place
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________:: Woooho!
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