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Tie Me Up and Spank Me Hard...

I've been a bad bad girl....

Gothic Slut
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Fuck me.


Hey, welcome to my community, dedicated to the dark realms of BDSM. Anyone is free to join whether you are long experienced in the field of BDSM, an amateur just beginning, or just a curious one diving into the depths of discoveries in the world of BDSM. This community isn't just for the topic of BDSM it's for you to openly speak of any fetishes, any thoughtsand opinions, any questions or answers, just feel free to post whatever you feel is right. Go ahead, look around, fill out the surveys, talk amongst the members, post freely. Just join the community, and have fun. Otherwise there's one mean spanking in for you!! ;).
{---Xx Lydia xX---}

::New Members Survey ::

Okay so you're a new member, or wanna be one.... Don't know what to post? Well for starters fill out this survey for everyone to get to kno a few things about you, and how this community applies to you..... have fun....


*Sexual Preference::
*Sexual Fetishes::
*Pick a word::
*Would u Suck a Fuck?::
*What do u think of this community?::
*Fill in the blank, Lydia (me) __________::

- END -

!! WARNING !! - The content in this community is of adult-based themes, and if you are offended, restricted or disturbed by the subject of BDSM, Fetishes, and any sexually related topics, DO NOT BOTHER TO READ THIS JOURNAL! There is no age restriction, everyone is welcome, but do NOT bother to come here for complaints and drama. Thank you,


Well now that you're here, you might as well check out my personal journal as well =)::ladylydia. And if you'd like you can also take a look at my DeadJournal,Blurty, and Other LiveJournal Account, that I'm currently working on. Any questions, suggestions, or comments? Feel free to e-mail me at lilgothgirl16@aol.com.